Hotel Bath Solution

Cooling in summer and heating in winter meet the needs of different temperatures.

Achieve 24 hours hot water supply, energy saving, low cost, high efficiency and energy saving.

Low temperature air source modular (hot water) unit:Normal operation at -25 C; high temperature effluent at 65 Centigrade
Low temperature air source module unit:Environmental protection, IP intelligent protection
Villa cold and cold and hot unit:Automatic control, refrigeration and heating one machine and two use
Air-cooled module unit:Antifreeze, defrosting, automatic control
Large air cooling modul unit:Refrigeration range 65KW-3440KW, antifreeze, defrosting
Modular water (ground) source heat pump unit:Energy saving, high efficiency, low noise and low cost
Screw water (ground) source heat pump unit:Simple operation and safe operation
Water-cooled liquid chiller:Operation safety, high efficiency and energy saving