Low temperature air source heat pump (hot water) unit

Lowtemperatureairsourceheatpump(hotwater)unit Energy-efficienthotwaterunitItisidealforbathing,livingandswimmingpoolhotwaterandsoon Features ModulardesignThisseriesadoptsthemodulardesign,usingNKYR35U,N
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Low temperature air source heat pump (hot water) unit


Energy-efficient hot water unit

It is ideal for bathing, living and swimming pool hot water and so on




Modular design

This series adopts the modular design, using NKYR35U, NKYR45U and NKYR85V as the basic module units that can be used alone, or any 1 to 16 basic modules can be combined freely into a complete set as capacity required to extend the water supply to various combinations from 850L/h to 32000L/h for different users.


IP intelligent protection



Energy –efficient, green and environmentally friendly

The unit adopts world-famous compressor that has energy efficiency up to 4.0 or more, using three kinds of clean energy, solar energy, air heat energy and electric energy, and producing no environmental pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas. There is no harmful gas emitted during the work process. It is no need for users to worry about health even if they take shower in a confined room.


All weather use

The unit absorbs not only solar energy but also energy from the air. Therefore, it is not affected by bad weather such as cloud, rain or snow, but can be used 24 hours a day, making up for the shortness of common solar water heaters that are affected by the weather and cannot guarantee the supply of hot water all 365 days of the year.


Easy to install and operate

The unit is extremely easy to install and is not subject to environmental restrictions. There is no need for special care or dedicated machine room. The original intelligent network system enables a full-automatic operation by a single press, no need of special management. In addition, it has advanced automatic fault-detection function and is easy to maintain.

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